Questions & Answers


    What is the shipping time?

    For the most products the shipping can take up to 10 days. Some products will be delayed due to delays in the delivery service. You will get shipping and delivery updates by email; we are working on tracking codes for all orders.

    What are the shipping costs?

    For all purchases we offer free shipping.

    What to do when I have issues?

    When you have any problems, you can always contact us through the contact page. We will respond within 48 hours with a suitable solution.

    Why is there no discount?

    When there is discount on a product it means that the price could be lower. We don't offer discounts so we always have the lowest price.

    When we have a discount we where able to get a lower price for materials or other things that affect the price.

    What is the warranty?

    When you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please email us your issue through the contact page, we will respond within 48 hours with a suitable solution.

    Why is there text in another language on my package?

    Roughly 1/10 of the packages has this, and it is the result of multiple suppliers. We are working on our own packaging.

    What if the contact page doesn't work?

    You can always send us an email to

    Why didn't I get a tracking code?

    We are not yet able to offer a tracking code for all packages, which is why some orders do not contain one. Soon there will be one for every order.

    Why are there so few negative reviews?

    This is simple; the most people are happy with their purchase! this is something we are very proud of, and are trying to keep up.

    On top of that, we have a good customer service that handles the most negative reviews, with the needed help or information.

    Do I get an invioce?

    We don't send an invoice by default, we will send you one after you send us an email with your request.